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Pause the Rush of New Year Planning

Pause the Rush of New Year Planning

Think big, then break it down

☀️ Hey there, welcome to Capricorn Season! ♑ The Sun's made its grand entrance into my birth sign … Capricorn, and it's bringing a whole new area of focus.

Feeling the Shift? Capricorn's all about the long haul. It's time to zoom out and think big – like, really big. What's your dream for the next 5, 10, 15 years? This season's energy is perfect for building something that lasts, something you're proud of. It supports you in thinking about the solid foundations, the kind of systems and strategies you'll need to make your big dreams a reality.

The actual tasks, details, structures, systems, or processes needed to build your legacy, your body of work, or making strides towards your vision are not glorious. And that’s where we get into trouble.

Now, About Those New Year's Resolutions... We all know the drill. January rolls around, and we're all about 'what do I want right now?'. This is the time of the year when many will post their new year resolutions online. And they all sound sooo inspiring and grand!!!

Instead, Capricorn season invites us to play the long game. It's about setting up for success in the big picture, not just the flashy, short-term wins.

When you work backwards from your long-term vision to come up with a plan for the following year, you will often realize that what you need to do is either extremely mundane, boring, non-glorious, or unsexy. That’s real life folks … and it’s exactly what needs to be normalized.

Ready to Mix Things Up? Let's not just go for the resolutions that sound good on Instagram or look great on your vision board. What if this year you flipped the script? By starting with your long-term vision and meticulously planning backward, you uncover the essential, albeit mundane steps that are the true building blocks of a meaningful and lasting legacy.

Let's Do This! This year, let's break the cycle of superficial resolutions. The invitation is to select your path this year based on what will bring you closer to building your vision, your body of work, and your legacy. When the excitement fades in February or March, what will keep you going is your bigger reason for being here.

So think big, plan, and create something that truly matters to you.

Until next time … stay rooted and be true to your rhythm.


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